Character Presentation - Text Production/Oral Presentation

Unit Outline

In this unit you will:
  • Choose a character from one of the texts we have studied this year - Into the Wild, The One Day of the Year, Night, Schindler's List, The Social Network or Montana 1948;
  • Revisit the text and notes you made about that character and get to know them in great detail;
  • Prepare an oral presentation based on the criteria below;
  • Present this either to the class in a live presentation OR on video during a set class time.

Task Description
Choose a character from one of this year’s shared texts and write a dramatic monologue for them in a situation appropriate to their circumstances in that text. The monologue should use spoken language appropriate to your character’s personality, education and attitude. More importantly, it should reveal through their own words something about the main characters, theme and important events in the text.
The oral should be 4 to 6 minutes long, which is equivalent to 700 to 1,000 words, depending on how quickly your character speaks. You do NOT need to memorise your lines, but MUST use appropriate eye contact and SHOULD, therefore, have cue cards and not a page of text to read from.

You must also submit a TRANSCRIPT of your presentation - 700 to 1000 words.

DUE DATE: Monday (November 16) Week 6 Term 4 (Mr McKenzie's class).
During Week 5 you will have the chance to present or record your monologue during class time.

Performance Standards for this task
KU1, KU3; An1; App1, App2; C1, C2.

Tips for doing a good Oral PresentationOral Pres.jpg

This is an excellent powerpoint that we will work through in class
Good oral presentation

Take this link for an interesting page. Good oral presentation tips