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Unit Outline and Description

This is a compulsory SACE component for English Stage 1. It involves viewing and reading, a total of TWO texts and making and recording connections between them. You are then to demonstrate your understanding of these connections in either a written, oral or multimedia presentation. This is all to be completed by the due dates below.
The Connecting Theme for this semester is The Holocaust.
Your guided text will be the short novel Night and your guided film will be Schindler's List (we will read Night and view the film in class)
You MUST use Night as your primary text, and may use Schindler's List as its comparative text OR pick a film from the list HERE (or one of your choosing on the theme of the Holocaust) and make connections between the two.


Interesting Powerpoint on the history and development of the Holocaust

An excellent Powerpoint full of challenging images


Here is a great link to some support material for Night
60second recap

A wonderful book in the library called Maus. Here is the supporting PDF file.

Schindler's List

The Sparks Notes link - a good place to start
Schindler's List

Assessment Tasks


You are to submit One journal entry (formative) that shows the directions that your reading and viewing is following and the progress you have made.
THEN you will use these reflections to produce a FINAL PRESENTATION.

Go to this page for more specific help in completing these tasks.

Due Dates (Mr McKenzie's Class)
See your emailed task sheet for more details
Draft (optional) 10/9
Final Copy 21/9

Your journal and final presentation should cover the following points

  • Common ideas presented in the texts
  • Personal responses
  • What you anticipate will develop or occur in the texts and how correct you were
  • Character behaviours and interactions
  • Author’s intentions
  • Links with other texts: Similarities &Comparisons
  • Your writing style
  • Personal reflections
  • Length

The last entry in the journal will pull all your thoughts together and this is very important. Write a half to a full page outlining links between each text, and making comparisons and connections.

Some Sample reports from previous years