Intertextual Study

Students reflect on their understanding of intertextuality by:
  • analysing the relationships between texts, or
  • demonstrating how their knowledge of other texts has influenced the creation of their own texts.
When analysing or creating texts to show their understanding of intertextuality, students may also consider:
  • intertextual references within texts (texts that make explicit or implied references to other texts)
  • ways in which they, as readers, make intertextual connections based on their previous experiences of texts or their own experiences and beliefs.

Choose a novel and film adaptation OR a text that has close links to The Messenger by Markus Zusak and write an 800 word essay that explores the connections between the texts.

  • Identify the significant relationships between the texts - characters, themes, settings, contexts, style
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the texts
  • Use references from the texts to support your ideas
  • Follow the correct structure and conventions for an analytical essay